Throat Vibration Vacuum Headset w/ Cable (M Plug)

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Throat Vibration Vacuum Headset


With noise canceling features, the environment noisy signal is not affected;

High quality, strong, environmentally friendly PU cable, durable;

Throat vibration microphone design, strong anti-noise capability, excellent sound quality, comfortable to wear;

For special operations forces, the army, the police, with the tactical helmets, motorcycle helmets and gas masks;

We can configure the corresponding plug according to the different brands and models of walkie-talkie.

Fit for model

MOTOROLA CP88, CP100, CP150, CP200, CT150, CT250,
CT450, CT450LS , ECP100, GP68, GP88S, GP308, GP350, GP2000,?
GP3688, GP3188, GTI, GTX, LTS2000, P040, P080, P110, P200, P1225, P1225LS, PR400, PRO1150,PRO2150, PRO3150, PMR446, SP10, SP21, VL50, VL130,
Feidaxin FD-150A,??FD-160A,?FD-450A,?FD-460A
HYT TC300 ,TC-446S TC-500, TC-518, TC-600, TC-610, TC-618 ,TC-620, TC-700, TC-700ExPLUS,TC-900, TC-1600,TC-2110 , HYT850, HYT2100,TC-508 TC-505
PUXING PX-508U?, PX-999

1 x Throat Vibration Vacuum Headset (M plug)