PUXING G21 4G Network walke-talkie (126525)

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PUXING G21 4G FM Transmitter Walkie Talkie??





Use mobile data or Wi-Fi to connection and you can talk all around the world.

Supports 2G/3G/4GLTE/Wi-Fi.

GPS location,voice recording available in server software and GPS tracking.

Control center can record all information.

It can communicate with mobile phone by APP.

Applications:logistics,freight,taxi,urban management,medical aid,security syste,high-end property,large? ? ? ? construction sites and other industry users.

Available with long distance dispatching software with GPS positioning,one to group calls,one to one private call,track playback,audio,monitor,recording play etc.

Mobile traffic/mobile data: -It is 2.88M per hour for unstopping communication, it is 0.06M on the standby mode per day.? ? ? ? -Most of customers use 300M per month,it can support 3 to 4 hours for unstopping communication every day.


Package Contain:

1x PUXING G21 4G Network walke-talkie
1x Antenna
1x Battery
1x Belt Clip
1x AC Adaptor