MOTOROLA FRS alternative fast charger

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MOTOROLA FRS alternative fast charger

This is a brand new battery charger for Motorola two-way radios. The performance and specification is exactly the same as the original one.

It takes roughly 3-4 hours to charge the NiCd Rechargeable Battery. You may charge the battery alone or charge it with the radio. It performs as good as the original one.
The small light on the charger will remind you that the battery is full by changing its colour from Blue to green.

We have two AC versions for your choice: 220-240v FOR UK, Australia and Europe ,

(Third-party) Battery charger for Motorola two-way radios;
Compatible radio models: All Talkabout series (including but not limited to T6200, T6220, T6260. T6300, T6400, etc.) using rechargeable battery pack;
Time taken to fully charge a 1500mAh battery: 3-4 hours
Power input: AC 220V Power output: DC 7.5V;
Condition: new
Charger LED display: Blue ( Charge) , Green ( Complete)
Charging Current(approx):< 500mA
Charge Time (approx):3 hours
Operating Temperature Range: +5 c to +35c

MOTOROLA : T6200C T5428,T4800,T4900,T5000,T5300,T5300,T5320,T5400,T5410,T5420,T5500,T5512,T5522,T5532,T5600,T5620,T5700,T5710,T5720,T5800,T5820,T5900,T5920,T5950,T6000,T6200,T6220,T6500,T6500R,T8500,T9500,MOTOROLA TalkAbout T4800 T4900 T5000 T5025 T5100 T5200 T5300,T5320,T5400,T5410,T5420,T5500,T5525,T5600,T5620,T5700,T5720,T5800,T5820,T5900,T5920,T5950,T6000,T6200,T6210,T6220,T6250,T6300,T6310,T6320,T6400,T6500,FV500

1 x MOTOROLA FRS alternative fast charger
1 x Power transformer (220~240V) .3pin UK plug