Behind the Head Two Way Radio Headsets for Maxon SP14, SP120, SP130, SPI140

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4-015 + 44-S2L

Behind-the-head style headset?

Single speaker with flexible boom microphone. In-line PTT.

Lightweight, behind-the-head design .
Noise canceling Boom Microphone .
Speaker rests on the ear for comfort

Fit for model

Maxon SP14,?SP120,?SP130, SPI140, SP300, SP310, SP320, SP330, SP340, SL25, SL55, SL55+, SL100K
Midland -?
All 2-Pin
75-785, 75440,?G-225, G-227, G-300,?GTX-200, GTX-250, GTX-300, GTX-325, GTX-400, GTX-444, GTX-450, GXT500VP

1 x Behind-the-head style headset
1 x Mini Din Plug

More plug OPTIONAL
Fit for your ?Radio ,Please choose from : MINi DIN PLUG for connector Radio