Baofeng MINI-One MINI Mobile Car Radio 15W Power Output Mobile RADIO

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Baofeng MINI-One MINI Mobile Car Radio 15W Power Output Mobile RADIO


  • Mini size /easy operation
  • Max 20 saving channels
  • Power output 15W
  • Dual standby
  • Dual call
  • Easy repeater access, twice communication range
  • Automatically synchronize vehicle and handheld radios
  • Offline communication?or emergency call between vehicle radio and handheld radio
  • OUTPUT DC 5V,easy to access car EDR and mobile device


MINI Mobile car radio

Frequency:? UHF400-420MHz
RF power output:? ??5W
Memory Channel:? 20
DC in (cigarette lighter interface): ?DC-13.8V
External dc power supply:? >2A
DC out: ?5V
Dual standby: YES
Dual call: YES
Emergency alarm function: YES
DC out (5V): YES
Relay connector: YES
Connect earpiece/speaker mic: YES
Connect two way radio:? YES
Size:? 12.8 x 10 x 2.6cm
Weight:? 370g
? ?

BF-T1 Two Way Radios

Frequency:? UHF 400-420MHz
Output Power:? ??W
Memory Channel: 20
Battery Voltage:? 3.7V
Battery Capacity: ?1000mAh
Flashlight:? YES
VOX Function:? YES
Time Out Timer: YES
Squelch Level: YES
FM Radio:? YES
Dual Standby: YES
Dual Call: YES
Emergency Alarm Function: YES
Power Saving Function: YES
Wide/narrow band selection: YES
Regularly Reminded: YES
Busy Channel Lockout: YES
Tail Elimination: YES
Monitor: YES
Size:? 10.5 x 5.5 x 2cm
Weight:? 102g


1x MINI car radio
1x Mobile antenna
1x Mounting bracket
1x Cable (connect two way radio)
1x PTT speaker
1x One pack of screw and accessories
1x Car charger
1x Power line
2x Two-way radio
2x Battery
2x Earpiece
2x USB cable
2x Belt clip
2x Sling
2x Manual