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AOR-AR-DV10 SDR Digital Voice Receiver? NOT Include Shipping Cost? ? ??


Digital Auto-Mode Feature

Thanks to the Digital Auto-Mode feature, a received signal type is instantly recognized and the AR-DV10 is automatically switched to the applicable Digital Mode or Analog FM Mode. This feature enables hassle-free reception without the need to manually switch modes.

1.7 x 1.7 Inch Large Dot Matrix display

The large 1.7" x 1.7" high resolution Dot Matrix display has excellent visibility clearly showing all modes and settings on the display. Menu and Mode selection screens are in a tiled view for easy selection and intuitive operation. Detailed configuration screens in the set list view make it easy to understand the listed parameters at a glance, and quickly make changes to settings and adjustments.

One-touch Recording with SD memory card

Received audio may be recorded with one touch of the "REC" button on the front panel. Audio recordings can be selected from a list to play back, and can easily be saved to the micro SD card as a .WAV file. In addition to storing received voice audio, the micro SD card can also be used to save memory channels, backup data, and update the firmware

8.3 hours operating time wtih the supplied large capacity Li-Ion Battery

Supplied with a 2000mAh high capacity Li-Ion battery provides over 8.3 hours of operating time. Also, the AR-DV10 is ready to operate from multiple power sources, such as AA alkaline batteries or from an external DC power source.

2000 Channel Memory Capacity

The AR-DV10 can store up to 2000 memory channels which can be divided into 40 banks of 50 memory channels each. Alpha numeric Channel labels with up to 12 characters may be entered for easy channel recall.

All-In-One Package

The AR-DV10 comes value packaged with all necessary accessories including 2000mAh Li-Ion battery pack, AC power adapter, charging cradle, cigarette lighter DC/DC charger/power cord, 6 x AA battery tray, Antenna, Belt clip and Micro SD memory card



??Frequency range: 100kHzï½?300MHz (Cellular frequencies blocked for US consumer versionï¼?br>?¢ Operation modes: VFO, memory channel, program search, scan
?¢ Digital receive modes: TETRA(Direct mode, mobile to mobile, DMR(Tier1/2/Mototrbo, NXDN (6.25k), dPMR (446 Tier1, APCO25(Phase1, D-STAR, Yaesu(C4FM, ?¢ Alinco(EJ47U, Japanese D-CR.
?¢ Analog receive modes: WFM, NFM, AM, USB, LSB, CW

?¢ Circuit type:?

??00kHzï½?300MHz Single super heterodyne
?¦IF 47.25MHz SDR direct sampling
?¦WFM (64MHzï½?08MHz) SDR direct conversion
?¦AM (520kHzï½?710kHz) ?SDR direct conversion

?¢ IF filter bandwidths:?
?¦Analog modes: 100kHz, 30kHz, 15kHz, 8kHz, 6kHz, 5.5kHz, 3.8kHz, 2.6kHz, 1.8kHz, 500Hz, 200Hz (Choice is mode dependent)
?¦Digital modes: 6kHz, 15kHz, 30kHz (auto-select)

?¢ Assisted functions:?

?¦AGC, step-adjust, offset and priority receive.
?¦Analog voice descrambler (not available for US consumer version).

?¢ Signal attenuator: Approx. 10dB?€ON/OFF
?¢ Squelch modes: Noise squelch, level squelch, reverse tone, digital voice detection.
?¢ Frequency stability: ±5 ppm (ï¼?0?ƒ~+50???

?¢ Sensitivity (typical values):
?¦SSB (10dB S/N) 0.3μV
?¦AM (10dB S/N) 1.6μV
?¦FM (12dB SINAD) 0.3μV
?¦WFM (12dB SINAD) 2.6μV

?¢ Number of VFO?™s: 3 ( A / B / Z)
?¢ Memory channels: 2000
?¢ Memory banks: 40
?¢ Search banks: 40
?¢ Priority channel: 1
?¢ Pass frequencies: 50 per bank or VFO
?¢ Audio outputs: Internal speaker min.700mW (@16Ω,10.5V,10%THD), earphone jack min. 200mW (@8Ω,10.5V,10%THD)
?¢Â?Antenna: BNC 50Ω

?¢ Max. antenna input: 0dBm

?¢ Power requirements:?


??.4V 2000mAh Lithium-ion battery pack (BP-10)
?¦External input 6.5Vï½?0.5V

?¢ Current consumption: 240mA(typï¼? 500mA(max)ï? excluding battery pack charge currentï¼?br>?¢ Case size: 65(W)Ã?37(H)Ã?41(D)mm (Including battery pack, excluding projectionsï¼?br>?¢ Weight: Approx. 420 gram (including battery pack, antenna and belt clipï¼?br>?¢ Temperature range: ï¼?0?ƒï?+50??br>?¢ Supplied accessories: AC power adapter, lithium-ion battery pack, fast charger cradle, belt clip, antenna, cigarette lighter DC/DC converter, alkaline battery tray, microSD card, operating manual.


FIRMWARE:?First production lot has firmware that does NOT allow the user to program the scanner through the USB slot.?
The commands are not implemented yet in the present firmware. In a future firmware soon the commands will be included.
95% of the commands will be the same as for DV1.


1 Pc of Digital Receiver
1 Pc of Antenna
1 Pc of Li-Ion Battery Pack, 7.4V (p/n BP-10)
1 Pc of Battery Case (p/n BT-10)
1 Pc of CLP Power Cord (p/n DC-10)
1 Pc of Charger Cradle (p/n CC-10)
1 Pc of Power Supply (p/n AA-10E)
1 Pc of 8Gb Micro SD Memory Card
1 Pc of User Manual in English


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