Air Acoustic earpiece for MOTOROLA XIRP6620 XiR P6620/P6600 XiR3300 XiRE8600/E8608 / MTP3100/3150

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walkie talkie earpiece with Air Acoustic PTT for MOTOROLA?

walkie talkie earpiece with Air Acoustic PTT for??

It uses the principle of acoustic air tube conduction sound, so that the fragile brain away from the radiation source, earplugs without any electronic devices such as radiation sources, radiation protection is more convincing.


  • Walkie-talkie button-type transparent tube headset microphone, lapel-type PTT;
  • Sound quality and efficient fidelity;
  • Air pipe sound, and effectively prevent radiation;
  • Comfortable to wear, easy to use, removable;
  • A special 360-degree rotating clip, durable, can be fixed in any one position;
  • earplugs fit in your ears, hidden effect is good, is conducive to the confidentiality of communication.

Product Specifications:

Size: 6.0*5.0mm
Weight : 54g
Fit for Model:
MOTOROLA :? XIRP6620 P6200 P6600 XIR-E8600 8608 E8668,?
XIRP6620 XiR P6620/P6600?XiR3300?XiRE8600/E8608 /?MTP3100/3150/3250

Headphones correct use:
First, the intercom of the walkie-talkie to the same frequency, call each other after the intercom to the minimum sound, adjust the volume button. Plug the headset. Slowly adjust to the ear can accept the range. This can protect the eardrum is not suddenly And the sound of the impulse to extend the life of the microphone.

walkie talkie earpiece with Air Acoustic PTT for HYTERA HYT XIRP6620 XIR-E8600