77series Speaker Microphone BAOFENG KENWOOD

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77series Speaker Microphone BAOFENG KENWOOD


  • 3.5mm Headphone jack when discretion is required, cutting out the speaker.

  • Simply plug this ?mic speaker into your ?radios, you could chat with your partners without holding your radio on hand! This new mic speaker is made of durable material .

  • A rotatable clip is located at the back for easy carry.

  • For two-way radio begi nners, please do not put the earphone into or out of the radio when it is functioning.


  • Weight:?? ?135g

  • Size A:7.4 cm

  • Size B:?? ?5.5 cm

  • Color:?? ?Black

Photo will have chromatic aberration compared with the product


1 x Speaker Microphone FOR BAOFENG KENWOOD