7-30MHz winding-type horizontal dipole antenna (DIPOLE HF antenna)

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7-30MHz winding-type horizontal dipole antenna (DIPOLE HF antenna)

If you are a QRPer, or will the wild Communications lovers ; If you want to have a highly efficient full-size antenna to get better QSO experience, then Gypsy (Gipsy) 7-30MHz horizontal dipole antenna winding type (DIPOLE ) must be suitable for you. It was wild born, to pay tribute to the efficiency , fighting for every decibel !

1 full-size half-wave horizontal dipole antenna , the classic high-efficiency antenna.
2 Carbon Wei Balun fully waterproof , all-weather combat .
Three commonly used four -band (7/14/21/28-29MHz) preset mark , with the bobbin easily adjust the switching frequency .
4 special canvas pouch , size is very small after admission .

[Principle , adjustment method ]
      Gypsy (Gipsy) 7-30MHz level winding type dipole antenna is a dipole antenna from a single horizontal band evolved , the two ends of each transducer with a special bobbin , in use, bobbin equivalent to a transducer wire coil, and this induction coil open circuit in the electrical principle equivalent ( note not loading coils , but similar across the two arms of the choke balun dipole antenna as ) . So when you switch to a different operating frequencies , simply release the bobbin oscillator different length cable. The antenna has four common 7,14,21,28-29MHz sleeve marker bands preset the transducer line and indicated on the bobbin casing in different colors represented by the band , the actual very easy to use . Casing color corresponding to the band as follows:
7MHZ - green (GREEN), on the bobbin abbreviated written as (GN = 7MHz);
14MHz - Yellow (YELLOW), on the bobbin abbreviated as (YE = 14MHz);
21MHz - blue (BLUE), abbreviated in the bobbin (BU = 21MHz);
28-29MHz - red (RED), abbreviated in the bobbin (RD = 28-29MHz).

About Carbon Wei Balun : Yes, this product balun using carbon fiber tube , not the surface decorative stickers . Some friends have doubts about it , the carbon fiber material has a certain conductivity, to do with it balun enclosure seems inappropriate. In fact, Barron is two main coupling path , one coupling between lines , one magnetic coupling. When using a conductive material as the balun enclosure , through the rational design after layout is totally no problem. If you also want to further explore , you can refer to the following military Barron cast aluminum housing design .

Technical Parameters
Frequency Frequency: 7-30MHz continuously adjustable
Input Impedance Impedance: 50Ω
Power Power: 100W PEP
Vibrator Material Irradiator: 20AWG tinned copper Teflon
Socket Type Outlet: SL16 ( ie M Female )
Balun Balun: 1:1 balanced - unbalanced magnet Barron
Package Size Package Size: 75 × 75 × 130 (WDH, mm)
Gross Gross Weight: 0.4kg

1 x Barron
1 x barron hanging Stopper
1 x pair, pouch ,
1 x oscillator (with bobbin)
1 x bag, Manual

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